Solve the inequality 5\leq3+|2x-7|

Jayleen Sanders

Jayleen Sanders

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Solve the inequality 53+|2x7|

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Prince Huang

Prince Huang

Beginner2022-01-24Added 15 answers

Simplify the expression
3+|2x7|353 (subtract 3 from both sides)
By the absolute rule, if |u|a,a>0 then |u|a and |u|a
2x72 and 2x72 (by the absolute rule)
2x7+72+7 and 2x7+72+7 (add 7 on both sides)
2x5 and 2x9
2x252 and 2x292 (divide by 2)
x52 and x92
Thus, the solution is (,52][92,)

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