A square is 1/8 of a mile by 1/8 of a mile. How many acres is this



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A square is 1 8 of a mile by 1 8 of a mile. How many acres is this

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Sandra Randall

Sandra Randall

Beginner2022-07-22Added 17 answers

The acres in a square should be 10 acres.
Given that
The square is 1 8 a mile from 1 8 of a mile.
We need to find out the number of acres
The area of the square should be
= 1 8 × 1 8   = 1 64  square mile 
Also, we know that
One square mile should be = 640 acres.
So, the number of acres should be
= 1 64 × 640 = 10  acres
Therefore we can conclude that the number of acres in this is 10 acres.

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