Write the rule for the nth term given 1/3,2/3,3/3,4/3,5/3,...

Nadia Smith

Nadia Smith

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Write the rule for the nth term given 1 3 , 2 3 , 3 3 , 4 3 , 5 3 , ...

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Koen Henson

Koen Henson

Beginner2022-09-12Added 17 answers

Note : often there is comfusion between nth term and u n (or whatever letter in stead of u)
nth means that the first number is the first in the row i.e. the first term, and so on.With the u n -notation the first term is usually called u 0 , so the nth term is then u n - 1
Answer: It would obviously be n 3

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