Solve. 16x^{2}-25=0 x=\Box

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Step 1
Given Data:
Equation: 16x225=0
First, apply factorization in the given equation then solve for the values of x.
The useful factorization is,
Step 2
Solve the given equation,
x=54 & x=54
Thus, the values of x are 54 and 54 (or -1.25 and 1.25).


Beginner2021-12-19Added 33 answers

We will first write the equation in standard form ax2+bx+c=0 to identify a,b and c.
Where a is the coefficient of the x2 term, b is the coefficient of the x term and c is the constant term.
Given equation: 16x225=0
The variable in the equation is x: x=b±b24ac2a
Use a=16, b=0 and c=-25: x=(0)±(0)2416(25)2(16)
Use 1600=40:x=±4032
We know a±bc means a+bc or abc:x=4230 or x=4032
Simplify: x=54 or x=54
Hence the roots are 54 and 54

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