Determine which of the following functionsf(x)=cx, g(x)=cx^{2}, h(x)=csqrt{|x|}, text{and} r(x)= frac{c}{x}



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Determine which of the following functions f(x)=cx, g(x)=cx2, h(x)=c|x|, and r(x)= cx can be used to model the data and determine the value of the constant c that will make the function fit the data in the table. x41014y3220232

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Sadie Eaton

Sadie Eaton

Skilled2021-02-03Added 104 answers

Consider the given function and the table. Now, with the help of the values given in the table, plot a graph as, image Here, it can be seen that by plotting the data, the obtained graph represents a parabola. Therefore, the function which represents the data table is g(x)=cx2. The point (4, 32) is on the graph. So, substitute the point, (4, 32), in g(x)=cx2.
3216=c Solving further, c= 2 So, g(x)= 2x2 Hence, the function that can be used to model the data is g(x)=cx2 and the value of constant is c= 2.

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