Assume that T is a linear transformation. Find the standard matrix of T. T:\m

Aron Campbell

Aron Campbell

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T must be a linear transformation, we assume. Can u find the T standard matrix.T:R2R4,T(e1)=(3,1,3,1)  and  T(e2)=(5,2,0,0), where e1=(1,0)  and  e2=(0,1)


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Donna Schmidt

Donna Schmidt

Beginner2023-03-31Added 4 answers

To find the standard matrix for the linear transformation T: 24, we need to determine how T maps the standard basis vectors 𝐞1 and 𝐞2 of 2 to 4.
The standard matrix for T can be formed by arranging the images of the basis vectors as columns.
Substituting the given values, we have:
Therefore, the standard matrix for the linear transformation T is:

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