Calculate the nuclear binding energy of M_n(A=55,\ z=25) in joul



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Calculate the nuclear binding energy of Mn(A=55, z=25) in joules.
The atomic mass of 5525Mn is 54.938 amu
The speed of light is c=3.00×108 ms
The mass of a proton is 1.0073 amu
The mass of a neutron is 1.0087 amu
The mass of an electron is 5.4858×104 aμ
1 kg=6.022×1026 aμ
1 J=1 kgm2s2
1 MeV=1.602×1013 J

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Carl Swisher

Carl Swisher

Beginner2021-12-16Added 28 answers

The number of the neutrons of the substance is
The expression for the final mass of the substance is
=25(1.0073 aμ)+30(1.0087 aμ)
The difference in mass is
=55.4435 aμ54.938 aμ
The binding energy is

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