A plastic rod is charged to -20\ nC by rubbing. a.



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A plastic rod is charged to 20 nC by rubbing.
a. Have electrons been added to the rod or protons removed? Explain.
b. How many electrons have been added or protons removed?

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Robert Pina

Robert Pina

Beginner2021-12-31Added 42 answers

a) The rubbing is process in which the electrons are transferred between two materials. Initially two materials have equivalent or neutral charge. The process of rubbing, electrons are added to a material which is being rubbed whereas, electrons are removed from a material to get a negative charge which is rubbing. Therefore, the electrons are added to rod to make it negative charge and the negative sign indicates that electrons are more than protons. Thus, the electrons are added to plastic rod and reason is explained.
b) Consider the expression for number of added electrons,
=20nC1.6×1019 C
=20×1019 C1.6×1019 C
Therefore, the number of added electrons is 1.25×1011

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