To solve: The problem by modeling and solving a system

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To solve: The problem by modeling and solving a system of linear equations.

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Procedure used:
"Model and solve system of linear equations
1) Identify the category of given problem.
2) Recognize and algebraically name the unknowns.
3) Translate the problem statement as a system of linear equations using the variables from Step 2.
S 4) Solve the system as obtained in Step 3.
5) State the answer statemen."
Step 1:
The given problem is a mixer problem where peanuts and almonds are mixed together to make almond-peanut butter where number of pounds of each type is to be calculated.
Step 2:
There are two unknowns in the problem. Let total amount of almonds is a and that of peanuts is p.
Step 3:
The mixer problem is summarized is Table.
NameAmount(in $)Cost(Per $)Peanutsp4Almondsa6.50
Total amount of butter is 5 pounds, so sum of amount of both peanuts and almonds is 5 pounds.
The total cost is calculated as follows.
Total cost =5 pounds ×$5
Total cost is $25. So, cost for almond and peanuts butter will be equal to $25.
Thus, the system of linear equations is:
Step 4:
Substitute the value of p from equation (1) to (2).
Solve the equation above to obtain the value of variable p as:
Substitute the value of the variable a in equation (1) to obtain the value of the variable p as follows:
Thus, the values of unknowns defined in Step 2 are a=2 and p=3.
Step 5:
To check the solution obtained in Step 4, the total pounds are 2+3=5 and the total cost is 4(3)+6.50(2)=25.
Step 6:
Hence, the number of pounds of peanuts is 3 and number of pounds of almonds is 2.

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