For Students

Plainmath strives for equal access to education. Different people need different approaches to fully delve into a certain math topic. Our primary goal is to help students learn be it by providing detailed answers or step-by-step explanations from our experts.

Our services are not meant to be used for cheating purposes. Please, make sure to keep it in mind using Plainmath. We do not tolerate dishonest academic behavior. All the answers and expert help should be used to let you understand a certain topic and not to pass as someone else's work.

If we have a suspicion of dishonest use of our service, we reserve the right to take appropriate action, including removing inappropriate content and terminating users' accounts involved.

Plainmath also respects your intellectual property. Please upload only the content you've made or you're authorized to use. If you find that your content was misused for wrong purposes or used without your permission, let us know immediately.

Some examples of dishonest use of Plainmath:

  • Cheating: Do not use our service to solve problems from your written assignments.
  • Violation of Intellectual Property: You shouldn’t pass answers found here as your own.
  • Plagiarism: Never copy or upload someone else’s content without permission.

We may collect, store and use certain non-personal (unidentified) technical information transmitted by your computer in order to improve functionality of the Site and provide you with a better user experience (including the type of browser and the operating system that uses your device, the language setting, the access time etc.). This information is collected also for research and analysis purposes about your use of the Site.

For Teachers and Parents

We respect teachers' work and parents' effort to provide students with the best education. We share the same purpose. Plainmath provides students with examples they can use to understand the subject better. We never encourage our users to cheat and do everything we can to prevent academic fraud.

As an inevitable part of this community we ask parents and teachers to contribute to it and report any issues of dishonest use of Plainmath as well as provide your recommendations on how we can improve. We need your help just as students need ours.

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