The exponential growth models, A=33.1e^{0.009t} (Canada) and A=28.2e^{0



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The exponential growth models, A=33.1e0.009t (Canada) and A=28.2e0.034t (Uganda) describe the population of the indicated country, A, in millions, t years after 2006. Use this information to determine whether the statement is true or false: "The models indicate that in 2013, Uganda’s population will exceed Canada’s". If the statement is false, make the necessary change(s) to produce a true statement.

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Determine whether the statement "The models indicate that in 2013, Uganda’s population will exceed Canada’s" is true or false
The exponential growth model for Canada is A=33.1e0.009t and exponential growth model for Uganda is A=28.2e0.034t. Since t is after 2006 years, so for the year 2013, t=7
Therefore, the population of Canada in 2013 is 35.25 million.
Calculate the population of Uganda.
Therefore, the population of Uganda in 2013 is 35.777 million.
Thus, the population of Uganda is more than Canadas

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