The solution of the given equation. x+13=2x-13



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The solution of the given equation.

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Key concepts used:
We will cute both sides to remove radicals and solve the equation for x.
The given equation: x+13=2x13. Taking cube of both sides, we get (x+13)3=(2x13)3[(a3)3=a]x+1=2x1x=2. Thus, the possible solution is x=2.
Let us now verify this solution. To check the solution. To check the solution, we need to substitute in the given equation. For x=22+13=2(2)132+13=41333=33 (True) So, for x=2, the given equation is verified. Thus, the required solution is x=2.
We cubed the given equation. Then we got a linear equation. Finally, we solved this linear equation to get the values. Substituting the value in the given equation, we could identify the final solution which satisfied the given equation.

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