Consider the following sets of rational functions. af(x)=\frac{a}{x} for a={−2,−1,−0.5,0.5,2,4}



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Consider the following sets of rational functions. af(x)=ax for a={−2,−1,−0.5,0.5,2,4}, h(xc)=1xc​ for c=[−4,−2,−0.5,0.5,2,4], h(x−c)=1x−c for c=[−4,−2,−0.5,0.5,2,4], g(bx)=1bx for b={−2,−1,−0.5,0.5,2,4} for b={−2,−1,−0.5,0.5,2,4}, k(x)+d=1x+d for d={−4,−2,−0.5,0.5,2,4} for d={−4,−2,−0.5,0.5,2,4}.
c. Choose two functions from any set. Find the slope between consecutive points on the graphs.

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Laith Petty

Laith Petty

Skilled2021-09-16Added 103 answers

For the first set slopes are 0.5 and 1, for the second set slopes are -0.5 and 0.5 for the third set slopes are 13 and -\frac{1}{3} and for the fourth set slopes are 1 and -1.

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