X=\log_{12}18 and Y=\log_{24}54. Find XY+5(X−Y)

Harold Kessler

Harold Kessler

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X=log1218 and Y=log2454. Find XY+5(XY)

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Andrew Reyes

Andrew Reyes

Beginner2022-01-02Added 24 answers

Let I=log18log12log54log24+5(log18log12log54log24) . Also, let log3=x and log2=y.
Daniel Cormack

Daniel Cormack

Beginner2022-01-03Added 34 answers

Note that XY+5(XY)=(X5)(Y+5)+25, so it suffices to find (X5)(Y+5).
Multiplying together gives 24log12(24)log24(12)=24log12(12)=24.
Adding 25 to this gives 1, which is your answer.

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