How do you write a polynomial in standard form, then



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How do you write a polynomial in standard form, then classify it by degree and number of terms 12x3+55x26x2+3x3+2x

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Let's combine like terms first (i.e. Anything with x3 can be combined, anything with x2 can be combined, etc.):
(Resort the numbers into standard form, to make it easier to simplify)
(Combine like terms)
We now have our simplified polynomial. This can be classified as a 3rd degree polynomial
We classify by number of terms by finding how many individual terms there are.
15x3,11x2,x, amd 7 are all four of our terms, so we have a polynomial (Any polynomial with four or more terms is just called a polynomial.)
We classify by degree by finding the highest exponent on any of the terms. The exponent 3 is the highest term, so this polynomial is a 3rd degree polynomial.

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