How do you FOIL (2x-3)(x^{2}+5x-3)?

Katelynn Cunningham

Katelynn Cunningham

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How do you FOIL (2x3)(x2+5x3)?

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Katherine Trevino

Katherine Trevino

Beginner2022-02-05Added 9 answers

This is where FOIL is not quite enough - Its
Pierce Carey

Pierce Carey

Beginner2022-02-06Added 10 answers

Alternatively, working with each of the powers of x from x3 down to x0 (i.e. the constant term), match the terms in the first and second bracketed expressions which will multiply to give that power of x and add them together, thus:
Given: (2x3)(x2+5x3)
Added, give 2x3+7x221x+9

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