Radicals and Exponents Evaluate each expression: a) frac{sqrt{132}}{sqrt{3}} b) sqrt[3]{2}sqrt[3]{32} c) sqrt[4]{frac{1}{4}}sqrt[4]{frac{1}{64}}

Bevan Mcdonald

Bevan Mcdonald

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Radicals and Exponents Evaluate each expression: 
a) 1323 
b) 23323 
c) 1441644

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a) Formula used: 
Power of nth roots: 
Where n is any positive integer and a and b are bases. 
The given exponential expression is 1323 
Use the above-mentioned formula and calculate the value of 1323 as shown below. 
Thus, the value of exponential is 211 
b) Calculation: 
Use the above mentioned formula and simplify the given expression as shown below. 
Thus, the value of exponential expression is 4. 
c) Calculation: 
The value of exponential is 14.

Jeffrey Jordon

Jeffrey Jordon

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Answer is given below (on video)

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