Find the center and radius ,and sketch the raph of the equation. X^2+Y^2=4 how to find the mid point?



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Find the center and radius ,and sketch the graph of the equation.
X 2 + Y 2 = 4
how to find the mid point?

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Mira Spears

Mira Spears

Beginner2022-07-29Added 14 answers

x 2 + y 2 = 4 is the formula for a circle with radius 2.
The center is 0,0 and you can graph it to show that center bysolving the equation for y:
y = 4 x 2
y = 4 x 2
Pierre Holmes

Pierre Holmes

Beginner2022-07-30Added 2 answers

It looks like a standard form
Standard form: Ax + By = C
in this case, you have x = a and b=y, leading to your weirdequation.
C/A = x-intercept = 4/x
C/B = y-intercept = 4/y

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