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The given statement is as follows:
Solving a system in three variables, I found that x=3 and y=1. Because z represents a third variable, z cannot equal 3 or 1.
To determine whether the statement makes sense or not, let's analyze it.
The statement implies that a system of equations involving three variables, namely x, y, and z, has been solved. The solution obtained is x=3 and y=1.
The reasoning provided in the statement is that since z represents a third variable, it cannot have the same value as x or y. In this case, x=3 and y=1, so z cannot equal 3 or 1.
This statement makes sense. When solving a system of equations, each variable is typically assigned a specific value that satisfies all the given equations simultaneously. In this case, x=3 and y=1 are the assigned values. The statement correctly points out that z represents a distinct variable and, therefore, cannot have the same values as x or y to maintain its independent nature.
Hence, the statement makes sense in the context of solving a system in three variables.

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