The ground state energy of hydrogen atom is –13.6 eV.

Mia Pitts

Mia Pitts

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The ground state energy of hydrogen atom is -13.6 eV. What are thekinetic and potential energies of the electron in this state?

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Makenna Martinez

Makenna Martinez

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Given: The ground state energy of the hydrogen atom is -13.6 eV.
This is the total energy of the hydrogen atom. Kinetic Energy is given as the negative of the total energy. Thus,
Kinetic Energy=-E =13.6 eV
Potential energy is given by the negative of two times of kinetic energy. Therefore,
Potential Energy=−2×(13.6) =-27.2 eV
Therefore, the kinetic energy is 13.6 eV and the potential energy is -27.2 eV.

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