The vector x is in H = Span {v_{1}, v_{2}} and find the beta-coordinate vector [x]_{beta}



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The vector x is in H=Span v1,v2
and find the beta-coordinate vector [x]β

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Let vector x is in a vector space V and β=b1,b2,,bn is a basis for V,
then the beta- coordinates of x are the weights c1,c2,...,cn or [x]β=β[c1c2cn] such that x=c1b1+c2b2++cnbn.
The vectors v1=[115107],v2[1481310],and x=[19131815]
Here β=v1,v2 and H=Spanv1,v2.
Therefore, for showing x is in H, show that the vector equation x=x1v1+x2v2 has a solution.
Write the given vectors as an augmented matrix [v1v2x] and find the row reduced form of the matrix.
On further simplification the matrix becomes,

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