For a test of Ho: p = 0.5, the z



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For a test of Ho: p = 0.5, the z test statistic equals -1.74. Find the p-value for Ha: p < 0.5.
a. 0.0892
b. 0.0446
c. 0.0409
d. 0.9554
e. 0.0818

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Solution:- p value = 0.1286
Since we have a two-tailed test, the P-value is the probability that the z statistic is less than - 1.52 or greater than 1.52.
We use the z Distribution Calculator to find P(t < - 1.52) = 0.0643, and P(t > 1.52) = 0.0643
Thus, the P-value = 0.0643 + 0.0643 = 0.1286
Interpret results. Since the P-value (0.1286) is greater than the significance level (0.05), we cannot reject the null hypothesis.
From the test we conclude that we have sufficient evidence to support the claim that p = 0.5.
Jim Hunt

Jim Hunt

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That is incorrect answer!


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From the given information, Null hypothesis: H_0:p=0.5 Alternative hypothesis: H_0:p<0.5 That is, the alternative hypothesis is one-sided hypothesis. Hence, the p-value is obtained for left tailed test. From the given information, the value of test statistic is –1.74. p=P(z

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