The random variable X follows a normal distribution ?(20, 102). Find Find P(? > 30 ),



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The random variable X follows a normal distribution ?(20,102).
Find FdP(?>30),

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Step 1
Normal probability is a type of continuous probability distribution that can take random values on the whole real line. The main properties of the normal distribution are:
-It is continuous (and as a consequence, the probability of getting any single, specific outcome is zero)
-It has a "bell shaped" distribution (and that is where the "Bell-Curve" name comes along)
-The normal distribution is determined by two parameters: the population mean and population standard deviation
-It is symmetric with respect to its mean.
Given : The random variable X follows a normal distribution .
Notation: XN(μ=20,σ2=102)
Step 2
We need to compute Pr(X30).
The corresponding z-value needed to be computed is:
Therefore, we get that
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Jeffrey Jordon

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