Which test? For each of the following situations,

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Which test? For each of the following situations, statewhether you’d use a chi-square goodness-of-fit test,a chi-square test of homogeneity, a chi-square test ofindependence, or some other statistical test:
a) A brokerage firm wants to see whether the type ofaccount a customer has (Silver, Gold, or Platinum)affects the type of trades that customer makes (in per-son, by phone, or on the Internet). It collects a randomsample of trades made for its customers over the pastyear and performs a test.
b) That brokerage firm also wants to know if the type ofaccount affects the size of the account (in dollars). Itperforms a test to see if the mean size of the account isthe same for the three account types.
c) The academic research office at a large communitycollege wants to see whether the distribution ofcourses chosen (Humanities, Social Science, orScience) is different for its residential and nonresi-dential students. It assembles last semester’s data andperforms a test.

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Avery Campbell

Avery Campbell

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a) Consider that this sample of a study has two variables which are type of account a customer has and the type of trade a customer makes. It is also mentioned in the problem that the sample collected are random. We need to make sure the two variables are independent; hence, use the chi-square test of independence
b) The question is in relation to account size. None of the mentioned chi-square test types are designed for quantitative measure. Hence, other statistical tests would have to be used.


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c. This sample is looking at the distribution of one variable which is courses chosen (Humanities, Social Science or Science). This variable has two categories which are residential and non- residential; in order to see if the variable is different for these two groups, a chi-square test of homogeneity should be used.

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