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Based on a survey of a random sample of 900 adults in the United States, a journalist reports that A random sample of 100 movie goers was asked to state his or her gender and favorite soft drink available at the local movie theater. The results appear in the table below. Is there a relationship between gender and soft drink preference?
 Coke  Diet Coke  Sprite  Male 231112 Female 162810
To analyze the results, which of the following tests is most appropriate?
A)Chi-square test of independence
B)Chi-square test of homogeneity
C)Two sample t-test
D)Matched pair t-test
E)Chi-square goodness of fit

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Kiera Tran

Kiera Tran

Beginner2022-03-20Added 5 answers

The chi-square independence test is used to determine whether there is relation between two categorical variables or not.
In this study, the variables 'gender' and 'favorite soft drink' are both categorical. Also whether there is relation between these two variables or not has to be tested. This shows that, the appropriate test would be chi-square independence test.
Correct Answer: Option A) Chi-square test of independence.

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