The mean of eight numbers is 41. The mean of

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Semaj Christian

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The mean of eight numbers is 41. The mean of two of the numbers is 29. What is the mean of the other six numbers?

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Jerome Page

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There are 3 different sets of numbers involved here.
A set of six, a set of two and the set of all eight.
Each set has its own mean.
m e a n = T o t a l n u m b e r   o f   n u m b e r s P R M = T N
Note that if you know the mean and how many numbers there are, you can find the total.
T = M × N
You can add numbers, you can add totals, but you may not add means together.
So, for all eight numbers: The total is 8 × 41 = 328
For two of the numbers: The total is 2 × 29 = 58
Therefore the total of the other six numbers is 328-58=270
The mean of the six numbers = 270 6 = 45

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