Suppose you are representing the employees at large corporation during contract



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Don Sumner

Don Sumner

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To represent the employees and support the claim that the lower-level employees are not making enough money, we need to choose an appropriate measure of center. The measure of center provides a representative value that summarizes the data set.

In this case, since the company has many lower-level employees and only a few high-paid management employees, the distribution of salaries is likely to be skewed. Skewness occurs when there is an asymmetry in the distribution, with a long tail on one side.

To compare the average salary for this company with the national average and highlight the discrepancy in salaries for lower-level employees, it would be more appropriate to use the median as the measure of center rather than the mean (average). The median is less affected by extreme values and is a better representation of the central tendency for skewed distributions.

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