X is a discrete uniform distribution on 1 , 2 , &#x2026;<!-- … --> , n

Keenan Santos

Keenan Santos

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X is a discrete uniform distribution on 1 , 2 , , n. I know that the median is n + 1 2 for odd n. I need to find median when n is even. Would it be n 2 or n 2 + 1, whichever is greater?
Also, is every point mode as PDF has highest values there? So there are n modes - 1 , 2 , , n?

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Maggie Bowman

Maggie Bowman

Beginner2022-07-15Added 14 answers

To answer the first question, think of how to handle the case where n = 2.
what is the median for uniform distribution on 1 , 2?
For the second question, yes, there are n modes.

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