What is the range of y=-2sin(x+pi)-3

Linda Peters

Linda Peters

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What is the range of y = 2 sin ( x + π ) 3?

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In the function y = sin ( b ( x + c ) ) + d, the two parameters that will influence the range are a and d, which are the amplitude and vertical transformation, respectively.
The function y = sin x has an amplitude of 1 and a vertical transformation of 0, for example. Since the sine function rotates around the centre line which will be at y=0 (due to the vertical transformation), the range will be 1 y 1.
With our function, the amplitude is |-2|=2 and the vertical transformation brings the centre line down to y=-3. Hence, the minimum values will be y=-3-2=-5 and our maximum values will be y=-3+2=-1
The range is therefore - 5 y 1

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