The equation y'=\frac{y}{x}(\ln y-\ln x+1) is? 1. First order, Partial. 2. First



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The equation y=yx(lnylnx+1) is?
1. First order, Partial.
2. First order, Non-homogenous.
3. None of above.
4. First order, Homogenous.

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Beginner2022-01-21Added 33 answers

y' is the first derivative of y w.r.t x. So, it is a first order differential equation.
Stella Calderon

Stella Calderon

Beginner2022-01-22Added 35 answers

Also since there is a constant 1 inside the bracket, it cannot be a homogeneous.
Hence, it is first order non homogeneous differential equation.

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