An object travels through the air following a

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An object travels through the air following a path By ht=-4.9t2+17t, where h is the height in meter, above the ground and t is the time. How long to the nearest tenth of a secon, is the object in the air?

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Nick Camelot

Nick Camelot

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To find how long the object is in the air, we need to determine the time when the height h(t) is equal to zero. We can set h(t)=0 and solve for t.
The equation representing the height of the object above the ground is given by:
Setting h(t) = 0, we have:
To solve this quadratic equation, we can factor out common terms:
This equation is satisfied when either t = 0 or 4.9t+17=0.
For t=0, the object is at the ground level. However, we are interested in the time when the object is in the air, so we focus on solving 4.9t+17=0:
Adding 4.9t to both sides:
Dividing both sides by 4.9:
Calculating the value:
Therefore, the object is in the air for approximately 3.469 seconds (rounded to the nearest tenth of a second).

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