Determine whether the statement, ''I analyzed simple harmonic motion i



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Determine whether the statement, I analyzed simple harmonic motion in which the period was 10 seconds and the frequency was 0.2 oscillation per second, makes sense or does not make sense, and explain your reasoning.

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John Twitchell

John Twitchell

Beginner2021-11-16Added 19 answers

Step 1 
Given statement is 
I studied simple harmonic motion with a period of 10 seconds and an oscillation frequency of 0.2 Hz.
Step 2 
10 seconds are given here as the time period.
We know that 
frequency=1Time period=110=0.1 
So, the frequency should be 0.1 oscillation per second for 10 seconds 
It is given that the frequency is 0.2 oscillation per second for 10 seconds 
Which implies, The analysis does not make sense.

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