The energy flow to the earth from sunlight is about



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The energy flow to the earth from sunlight is about 1.4{kWm}2.
(a) Find the maximum values of the electric and magnetic fields for a sinusoidal wave of this intensity.
(b) The distance from the earth to the sun is about 1.5×1011m Find the total power radiated by the sun.

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Vivian Soares

Vivian Soares

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(a) The indicated value indicates the intensity I=1.4kWm2 of the light. An electromagnetic wave's intensity in a vacuum is inversely proportional to the amplitude of the electric field. Emax and the amplitude of magnetic field Bmax and is given by the equation: 
I=12ϵ0cEmax2, where ϵ0 is a electric constant, c is speed of light. 
Now, solve the equation for Emax 
Plug the values for I,ϵ,c into equation 
Maximum magnetic field and maximum electric field have a relationship in the following way:
Now, plug the values into the equation 
(b) The intensity is propotional to Emax2 and represents the incident power P per area A 
The radius of the Earth's path around the Sun is represented by the distance between it and the Sun, and this distance is thought to be a sphere. The area is computed as follows:
Now, plug in the values: 
The answer is: (a) 3.42×106T, (b) 3.95×1026W

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