A 250 g , 25-cm diameter plastic disk is spun



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A 250 g , 25-cm diameter plastic disk is spun on an axle through its center by an electric motor. What torque must the motor supply to take the disk from 0 to 1900 rpm in 4.7 s ? Express your answer in newton-meters.

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Jonathan Burroughs

Jonathan Burroughs

Beginner2022-01-01Added 37 answers

Mass of the disc, m = 250 g = 0.25 kg
Diameter of the disc, d = 25 cm = 0.25 m
Disc rotate from 0 to 1900 rmp, in t = 4.7 sec.
Moment of inertia of the disc
I=0.00195 kgm2
=0.002 kgm2
angular frequency, ω=2π(190060)
ω=198.96 rads
α=ωt=198.964.7=42.33 rads2
The torque is
=0.0825 Nm

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