A +5.0 μC charge experiences a 0.57 N force in



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A +5.0 μC charge experiences a 0.57 N force in the positive y direction.
If this charge is replaced with a −2.7 μC charge, find the magnitude of the force in this case.

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Laura Worden

Laura Worden

Beginner2022-01-02Added 45 answers

Let q1 be the initial charge, F1 be the force on this charge, E be electric field present in the region, q2 be the new charge, and F2 be the force on this charge.
Write the expression to find the electric field in the region.
=(0.576j) N5μC
=(0.114×106j) NC
Write the expression for the force on the new charge.
=0.3078j N
The magnitude of the force is 0.3078 N and it will be in negative y-direction.

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