Use Avogadro’s number to find the mass of a helium



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Use Avogadro’s number to find the mass of a helium atom.

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Annie Gonzalez

Annie Gonzalez

Beginner2022-01-07Added 41 answers

Step 1
Avogardo's number is NA=6.02×1023 particles/mol. A mole of anything, by definition, consists of an Avogadro's number of particles.
The mass M of one mole of a pure substance in grams is the same, numerically, as that substance's atomic (or molecular) mass.
The mass of a single molecule is then  m=MNA.
Use the table in Appendix B:
For helium, M=4.00gmol=4.00×103kgmol.
So, the mass of a helium molecule is
Step 2
Since a helium molecule contains a single helium atom,
the mass of a helium atom is

Debbie Moore

Debbie Moore

Beginner2022-01-08Added 43 answers

One mole of helium contains Avogadro's number of molecules and has a mass of 4.00g. Let us call m0 the mass of one atom, and we have
or m0=4.00gmol6.02×1023molecule/mol=6.64×1024g/molecule,

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