The [C_{r}Cl_{6}]^{3} ion has a maximum in its absorption spectrum

Stefan Hendricks

Stefan Hendricks

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The [CrCl6]3 ion has a maximum in its absorption spectrum at 735 nm. Calculate the crystal field splitting energy (in kJ/mol) for this ion.

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Carl Swisher

Carl Swisher

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So here, we have the maximum absorbance of [CrCl6]3 is 735 nm or 735×107m. And we are required to find its crystal-field splitting energy in kJmol.
If we calculate the energy of the photon that is absorbed(E) we are also calculating the crystal-field splitting energy (0) since they are equal. So. we have:
And ν=cν;
0 -crystal-field splitting energy
h-Plane's constant (6.626×1034Js)
c-Speed of light (3.0×108ms)
λ -wavelength (7.35×107m)
2.70×1019J is the energy of only one ion.
So, to get the crystal-field splitting energy in kJ/mol. We need to convert J to kJ(I000)=IkJ) and multiply the energy to Avogadro's number which is 6.023×1023. So, we have

Thomas White

Thomas White

Beginner2022-01-08Added 40 answers

This is the energy per photon change to per mol of photons

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