The density of gold is 19.3 g/cm^{3}. a. What is the



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The density of gold is 19.3gcm3.
a. What is the volume, in cubic centimeters, of a sample of gold that has a mass of 0.715 kg?
b. If this sample of gold is a cube, what is the length of each edge in centimeters?

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Stuart Rountree

Stuart Rountree

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Step 1
Answer to part (a):
We must determine the volume of the material given in this part, and to do so, we will apply the relationship shown below:
Volume=MassDensity (1)
Given, mass=0.715kg and density=19.3gcm3
In order to calculate the density in cm3, we will first convert the mass in gram, for which we will use the below relation :
0.715kg×1000g1kg=715g (2)
Step 2
Answer to part (a): Given, mass=715g and density=19.3gcm3
Putting above given values in equation (1) and rounding off the volume to 3 significant digits, we get :
Volume=715g19.3gcm3=37.0cm3 (3)
Answer to part (b):
In order to determine the length of each edge of the gold (cube) in this problem, we will use the relationship shown below:
Volume of gold=(length of each edge of gold)3 (4)
As calculated in the above subpart that the volume of the gold=37.0cm3, putting this to equation (4), we get :
length=(37cm 3)1/3=3.33cm (5)



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a.) The given mass should first be converted from kilograms to grams.
0.715kg(1kg1000g)=715g ​
To solve for the volume, divide the converted mass by the given density
715g19.3g/cm 3=37.0m3
b.) The formula for the volume of a cube is vcube=(sides)3
to solve for the length of each side of a cube, take the cube root of the volume

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