Consider a cylindrical specimen of a steel alloy 8.5 mm

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Pamela Meyer

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Consider a cylindrical specimen of a steel alloy 8.5 mm (0.33 in.) in diameter and 80 mm (3,15 in) long that is pulled in tension. Determine its elongation when a load of 65,250 N (14,500lbf) is applied.

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Donald Cheek

Donald Cheek

Beginner2022-01-11Added 41 answers

The equation for stress is:
The area if a cylinder is given by:
Which results in:
Refer to Fig 6.22 on page 208 we can see the associated stress is 0.00125. We can find the amount elongated from:


Beginner2022-01-12Added 21 answers

This problemasks that we calculate the elongation l of a specimen of steel the stress-strain behavior of which is shown in Figure 6.21. First it becomes necessary to compute the stress when a load of 65,250 N is applied using Equation 6.1 as
Referring to Figure 6.21, at this stress level we are in the elastic region on the stress-strain curve, which corresponds to a strain of 0.0054. Now, utilization of Equation 6.2 to compute the value of l

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