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What is the balanced net ionic equation for the reaction of Al(OH)3(s) with HNO3(aq)?
- OAI(OH)3(s)+3H+(aq)Al3+(aq)+3H2O()
- Al(OH)3(s)+3H+(aq)+3NO3(aq)Al3+(aq)+3NO3(aq)+3H2O()
- Al(OH)3(s)+H+(aq)+NO3(aq)Al3+(aq)+3H2O()
- Al(OH)3(s)+HNO3(aq)Al(NO3)3(aq)+3H2O()
- Al(OH)3(s)+H+(aq)Al3+(aq)+H2O()

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Jenny Sheppard

Jenny Sheppard

Beginner2022-01-15Added 35 answers

Step 1
The Reaction between Al(OH)3 and HNO3
Molecular Equation: In the molecular equation, reactant and product are represented as molecular substances even though they exist as ions in the solutions.
Step 2
Ionic Equation: Soluble ionic compounds exist as separate ions in solution.
Net Ionic Equation: The ions that are common to both sides are canceled. These are called spectator ions and they do not participate in the chemical reaction.
As NO3(aq) is common to both sides, so it will get canceled.
Al(OH)3(s)+3H+(aq)Al3+(aq)3H2O(l) is the net ionic equation
Step 3
Option (a) is the correct answer


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The molecular reaction would be:
The net ionic equation would be as follows:
Hope this helps.


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Answer: 2Al(OH)3(s)+6H+(aq)+6NO3(aq)2Al3++6NO3+6H2O(l) Explanation: 1) Start understanding the nature of the reactants, the kind of reaction that occurs, and the nature of the products: i) word equation: aluminium hydroxide+nitric acidaluminum nitrate+water ii) molecular equation, including the phases: 2Al(OH)3(s)+6HNO3(aq)2Al(NO3)3(aq)+6H2O(l) iii) It is a neutralization reaction between an amphoteric compound, which is acting as a base, soluble in acid, and an acid in a aqueous solution, leading to the formation of a soluble salt and water in a double replacement reaction. 2) Separate the ionic aqueous compounds into its ions i) Reactant side: 6HNO3(aq)=6H+(aq)+6NO3(aq) Al(OH)3 (s) remains unchanged because it is in solid form ii) Product side 2Al(NO3)3(aq)=2Al3++6NO3 H2O(l) remains unchanged because it is in liquid form. 3) Write both sides, i.e. the complete reaction in the ionic form: 2Al(OH)3(s)+6H+(aq)+6NO3(aq)2Al3++6NO3+6H2O(l) 4) Spectator ions Observe that there are not spectator ions. All the ions are participating. Hence, the net ionic equation is the same complete ionic equation.

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