Convert 3.16 (6 repeating) to a fraction.

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Monique Henson

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Please, can u convert 3.16 (6 repeating) to fraction.

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To convert the decimal number 3.166 (with the repeating 6) to a fraction, we can follow these steps:
Let x=3.166.
We can multiply both sides of the equation by a power of 10 to eliminate the repeating decimal part. Since there is one digit repeating after the decimal point, we multiply by 10:
Next, we subtract the original equation from the multiplied equation to eliminate the repeating part:
Simplifying the equation, we get:
Now, we can solve for x by dividing both sides of the equation by 9:
Simplifying the fraction, we have:
Therefore, the decimal 3.166 is equal to the fraction 316.
Hence, the answer is 316.

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