A sparrow chases a crow with a speed of 4.0



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A sparrow chases a crow with a speed of 4.0 m/s, while chirping at a frequency of 850.0 Hz. What frequency of sound does the crow hear as he flies away from the sparrow with a speed of 3.0 m/s?

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Mollie Roberts

Mollie Roberts

Beginner2022-05-14Added 21 answers

By the Doppler effect of sound waves, the new frequency f' observed is given by
f = f ( v ± v 0 v ± v s )
where f'> f for relative motion of source and observer towards each other and
f'So in this particular case, and taking the speed of sound in air to be v=340m/s,
and assuming the speed of the crow is 4m/s and that of the sparrow 3m/s (as question is a bit unclear), we get
f = 850 ( 340 4 340 + 3 ) = 832 , 653 H z

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