What is the limit of (sin x)(ln 4x) as x approaches 0?



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What is the limit of ( sin x ) ( ln 4 x ) as x approaches 0?

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Gabriel Valencia

Gabriel Valencia

Beginner2023-02-26Added 5 answers

A sort of energy made up of vibrations is sound. A close-by object's vibrations force air molecules to move. Due to these vibrations, these molecules bump against one another and excite other molecules, forcing them to vibrate as well. Thus, the molecular bumping process proceeds. A sound is produced as a result of this bumping.
Since sound is a mechanical wave, it needs a medium or substance to travel through. We are aware that a vacuum is an emptiness devoid of all matter particles. Since there are no particles in a vacuum for vibrations to take place, sound cannot travel through it.
Sound cannot travel through a vacuum.

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