What is the coefficeint of a^{2}b^{3}c^{4} in the expansion of (a+2b+3c)^{9}Z



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What is the coefficeint of a2b3c4 in the expansion of

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Step 1
Given (a+2b+3c)9
we have to find coefficient of a2b3c4
The formula by which the coefficient is given by:
The coefficient of apbqcr from function (xa+yb+zc)n is n!xpyqzrp!q!r!
Here n=9. p=2. q=3. r=4. x=1. y=2. z=3
So, coefficient of a2b3c4 will be =9!×12×23×342!3!4!
Coefficient of a2b3c4 will be 816480.

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