Discrete math Let A=\{2,4,5,7,9\}. Choose the correct statement from the below.



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Discrete math
Let A={2,4,5,7,9}. Choose the correct statement from the below.
Select one:
1) 2A
2) 5A
3) 1A
4) A is not a set.

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Skilled2021-08-12Added 98 answers

Let A={2,4,5,7,9}
The first option is 2A, which is wrong. Here, 2 is an element of the set A. So it should be 2A
The second option is 5A, which is true as 5 is in the set A. 
The third option is 1A, which is wrong as 1 is not in the set A. 
The fourth option "A is not a set" is also wrong. 
Thus, the result is 5A.

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