Discrete math Question.Suppose your friend makes the following English statement "If



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Discrete math Question.
Suppose your friend makes the following English statement "If XY, but X, then we have Y." Convert it into a statement form. Then show that your friend's statement is valid. Is it true that "XY, but X" is equivalent to Y?

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Step 1
The symbol represent the XR operation for the terms in binary operation. Therefore, the expression with XOR can be solved using the truth tables.
Step 2
To convert the English statement to a statement, write it in mathematical form by removing if and then. Also remove all other texts in statements. This will give the statement : XYX=Y.
To check the validity of the statement make a truth table with each entry. The first column will be X then Y followed by the operations.
Step 3
The value of XY is not equivalent to Y. Also the value of XYX,XYORX are not equal to Y. Therefore, the statement is false.

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