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The function f(t) is defined as f(t)=te4tsin(3t).
This function combines several mathematical operations: multiplication, exponential function, and trigonometric function.
For any given value of t, we can substitute it into the function to find the corresponding output.
Let's analyze the function step by step:
1. f(t)=te4tsin(3t)
The function involves three components: t, e4t, and sin(3t).
2. t: This is the variable representing the input value.
3. e4t: This term represents the exponential function with base e and exponent -4t.
4. sin(3t): This term represents the sine function with an angle of 3t.
By multiplying these three components together, we obtain the output value of f(t) for a given input t.
For example, let's evaluate f(t) for t = 2:
Now, we can calculate the value using a calculator or appropriate numerical methods.

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