Which metals is the best conductors of electricity?A)Nickel; B)Silver; C)Gold; D)Sodium



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Which metals is the best conductors of electricity?

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Vincent Burke

Vincent Burke

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The correct option is B
Explanation for the correct option:
(B) Silver
1)The best conductor of electricity is pure silver.
2)Unsurprisingly, it is not one of the metals that is most frequently used to carry electricity.
3)Pure silver is used frequently, but there are some drawbacks.
4)Since it initially has a tendency to tarnish with use, the skin effect—an uneven distribution of current that may occur across high-frequency currents—is a problem.
5) It is significantly more expensive to run than copper or aluminum.Explanation for the incorrect option:
(A) Nickel
1)Because the valence electrons in metals are weakly bonded.
2)Metals are excellent electrical conductors because they can freely flow through the substance.
3)A transition metal oxide, such as nickel oxide, is still an insulator despite having an outer electron shell that is only partly filled.(C) Gold
1)Although gold is recognized for its great conductivity, it is less employed because of its exorbitant cost.
2)Gold wires for connections may be utilized in microchips.
3)Very thin gold plating may be employed in applications that need excellent conductivity and great resistance to oxidation and corrosion.(D) Sodium
1)Since the electrons are packed in a closed pack arrangement in sodium chloride ionic solid crystals, the ions are not free to migrate.
2) Ion mobility is required for the conduction of electricity.
3)As a result, sodium chloride exists as an ionic crystal, which acts as an Insulator.Therefore, the correct option is (B) Silver.

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