What is electric susceptibility of dielectric material?



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1. The quantitative measure of the extent to which an electric field applied to a dielectric material causes polarization is known as electric susceptibility.
2. A dielectric material is a nonmetallic material with a high specific resistance, a negative temperature coefficient of resistance, and a high insulation resistance.
3. When the polarization causes in material the slight displacement of positive and negative charge within the material.
4. The expression for electric susceptibility is
where P is the polarization, ε0 is the permittivity, E is the electric field.
5. The relation between electric susceptibility and dielectric constant
where Xerepresents electric susceptibility, ε0 is the permittivity and K represents dielectric constant.
6. Electric susceptibility is a dimensionless quantity.
7. The greater a material's electric susceptibility, the greater its ability to polarize.
8. Electric susceptibility gives the measure of how easily a dielectric material can be polarized when placed in an electric field.

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