I've been given that there is a spring holding a .25kg mass where k=10N/m and is held at 40cm

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Riya Andrews

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I've been given that there is a spring holding a .25 k g mass where k = 10 N / m and is held at 40 c m and then let go. I've found that the max velocity is 2.53 m / s and that when the spring is at 20 c m the velocity is 2.19 m / sWhat I'm having a hard time wrapping my head around is finding the position when the kinetic energy and potential energy are equal.
I keep trying to arrange it like so but end up with two unknowns
.5 ( 10 N / m ) ( Δ x ) 2 = .5 ( .25 k g ) v 2

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You know that energy is always conserved so at the point where U and K are equal a.k.a
, you also know that
Now you have two variables two equations

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